Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 3: Jenga!!

First full day back at school, my friends and I ventured downtown Sarasota in hopes to see the motorcycle rally. Sadly we were too late, so we continued on our plans of White Berry frozen yogurt and a good game of Jenga. I'm incredibly thankful to have great friends who tolerate the constant photo taking. My friend who let me borrow her D3100 early joined us today and showed me a few new things too, she's the one in the super cute bow. I must say, it was a pretty good day.

I'm obsessed with color... the greens and blues are really appealing to me.

 Thank you Raquel for modeling for me :3

 Look at the cute hermit crab

 We ended our adventure at Sangria with scrumptious tapas and a nice complimentary appetizer from the chef. The restaurant was filled with tasteful decor and lighting.

I love her headband. I know she hates this photo...but I love it. Sorry Elaine <3
on a side note, the pattern of her headband is an example of what I'm focusing on for my senior project.
For the curious ones, here is a link to my art blog:

Here are some photos Christine took. Of course she would take better photos than me on my camera :P that would happen. 

The rest are funny photos I found on my camera when I asked Elaine to hold it...

 I threw this one in there to see if anyone would notice.
so this is what happens when I drive...

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